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It’s their first time ever. The producer is in the control room, making notes for mic placement, recording and other important decisions about what’s about to happen.

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The engineer is directing his assistant(s) on what mics to grab from the storage, telling them which tom and snare to use, which cymbals will be used on each song to be recorded and which amp will record that crunchy guitar that defines the sound of the band that’s coming in.

The session was set for 9:00 p.m. (-5 EST), it’s 10:30 p.m. No one form the band has showed up.

Does this look like a familiar scenario?

Well this happens a lot. Do bands take for granted the fact that they are getting to record with a kick ass engineer and an experienced producer?

Then all of a sudden, the guitar player shows up with the singer, they chat with the producer and apologize for being late. But we still wait for the drummer, bass player and keyboard player. Guitar player and lead singer record dummy tracks for the drummer to have a reference, two hours later, the drummer gets to the studio and complains about the bpm being wrong, a whole other drama starts and the producer wants to disappear.

Scenarios like the one above make labels, investors and even producers and engineers loos faith on a product (The Band/Artist).

Some bands even put money form their own pocket to get an EP or Album recorded, and still feel they can afford to waste time on details that should had been taken care of at the rehearsal. That’s why it’s important that everyone in a band is committed, disciplined and responsible for something a little absurd; doing what they love! And we are not even going in deep details about those who get to the studio wasted, high or knocked out for the use of alcohol, drugs or both.

The recording process is sacred. Artists are having the innermost expression of themselves being recorded and hopefully will also get heard by the masses, so everything that happens in the studio affects the mood of the song. Just be kind to yourself!

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