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In today’s article I’m going to be talking about my PRS Custom 24 guitar.  It’s the best guitar I ever owned and it sounds very good.  Despite that it’s very pricey, it sure is worth every buck you spend to own one of these guitars.

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We’ll start with the body of the guitar; the top is maple wood and the back wood is mahogany.  It’s an emerald green finish with 24 frets, which have the classic Paul Reed Smith inlay birds, plus it’s got 25-inch scale neck.  The pick-ups on my guitar came with 58/09 treble and bass pick-ups.  This is perhaps the best guitar I ever owned.  There are many reasons why any guitar player should own one of these magnificent guitars.  The main reason is that it’s a very versatile guitar and what I mean by that is you can literally play any style of music with a PRS.

For instance, I play metal and some alternative music with my PRS.  The PRS has been known to be a very unique sounding guitar.  The key is to switch the pick-ups to achieve certain sounds.  Not only is this guitar beautiful to look at, it certainly is one the best investments any musician will ever make in their lives.  Some of the most well-known guitar players and bands in the world uses these guitars in their recordings and live performances.  My personal favorites are Opeth, Porcupine Tree, Katatonia, and more.  More well-known musicians like Carlos Santana, Creed, Orianthi, P.O.D, Matt Brooks, and Sevendust all use PRS Guitars.  If you really want a guitar that can achieve a specific sound or multiple sounds, then you can’t go wrong with a PRS Guitar.  Truly is an amazing piece of art.

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