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Art, plants visuals in one’s mind through creativity, accompanied by an immense amount of emotion. Most people dream about becoming a famous musician or film director, artist, author, etc., but never seem to have the ambition behind it to chase their dream. This article is to motivate the reader to relentlessly chase their dreams, no matter how hard situations or obstacles become in trying to obtain it.

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Every person that has made it went through some hard times but still pushed through in order to reach their destination. Michael Jordan even said that he has “failed more times in my life than succeeded, but that is reason that I am here today.” Don’t let a single trail and error in your path of destiny stop you from achieving your goals. Needless to say, in order for one to live out their dreams one must have strong determination and work ethic. Scientist say that it takes about ten thousand hours to master something; so if you would like to master playing the guitar, calculate how many hours per day out of a year you would need to practice in order master the instrument within four years. The key to living out your dream is to find something you are truly passionate about so that when you are mastering your craft it doesn’t even feel like work, but more so fun. Determination followed by repetition can get someone anywhere they would like to go. It takes an image as well so you know how you success feels, tastes, smells, once you reach it. May you find what you are searching for during your journey. Peace.

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