Logic Pro X and the modern DAW

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Anyone who even thinks about making music in the modern era knows about the DAW. It stands for Digital Audio Workstation and is the single only necessary tool in recording, creating, and mixing music besides the computer it’s used on. In the last few years there have been a plethora of new and interesting DAWs popping into the scene, but the entirety of the last 20 years have been dominated by just a few highly recognized DAWs: Protools HD, Logic Pro, Ableton Live, and Cubase. Protools is essentially a household name,having a monopoly on the audio industry across the board, being used for professional music, sound design, television and even film. In light of this fact, the other DAWs have vastly improved and even started to outlift the Protools giant in uses and versatility.

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As of July 17th, Logic Pro X has been released via the Apple store. Many know Logic Pro as the Apple-exclusive DAW, with one of the most powerful MIDI softwares as well as one of the greatest recording tools in the industry. Logic Pro X is the latest version, and equipped with many different tools that make it the latest buzz in the industry of the modern recording studio. First of all is Studio Drummer, a live drumming tool that plays in over thousands of different styles along to absolutely ANYTHING you create, perform, or record. Another new function is a warp automation that allows grouping of automation to happen to any number of tracks simultaneously, which was one of the key functions that previously made many users prefer Ableton over Logic Pro. Along with that there is key grouping function between tracks that allow people to design their own sounds very easily in this DAW for absolutely optimal and efficient music creation.

However, the biggest downside to Logic Pro X is that it’s ONLY available to Mac users. So if you are running a Mac, and don’t currently use Logic, now is the opportunity to try something new, and see what this incredible revolutionized DAW can do for your music creation.

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