How to create a Band Profile Page on Facebook and get more exposure

We’ve all heard it, the social media buzz. Millions of us are accessing social media communities such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, along with numerous other communities every day. The web is no longer a place to simply connect with family and friends, but instead has evolved into a massive media platform that provides you with free exposure and opportunities your band should be taking advantage of.  There’s no denying social media has become an integral part of our lives. Companies, brands, celebrities and public figures alike have come to realize the potential of social media as a valuable tool to help reach and engage with followers and build awareness about themselves or their cause.

Before you start building awareness about your band you need to start thinking about how to distinguish yourself from the competition. This is called ‘branding’. Branding yourself means informing people who your band is, your style of music, and what sets you apart from the others. What makes your band or music stand out from all the others? By answering this question you begin to find your brand niche.

With so many social media communities to choose from, it’s easy to feel confused and overwhelmed. You’re not alone. In our newest blog series Critical Recording Studios will help guide you through the social media maze. We start with Facebook because of its familiarity and audience reach.

First it’s important to point out that there is a difference between a Personal page and a Profile page. Personal pages are for your individual profiles.  A Profile page is used by companies, celebrities, public figures or any other type of organization or group. You want to think of your band as a business, and sometimes information you post on your Personal page you may not want to share with all of your band followers. One benefit to creating a Band Profile is it allows you to focus that page on just your music and band.  (We’ll show you in our blog series how to update your Personal Facebook page with all the updates from your Band Profile page and how you can easily invite your friends from your Personal page to “like” your Band Profile page.)

Let’s get started on setting up your Band Profile.

  1. Go to the home page of Facebook. On the bottom right hand side click on ‘Create a Page for Celebrity, Band or Business’. (It’s also important to mention that you can easily create a Band Profile page while logged into your Personal Page. Simply click on +Create Page or go to
  2. Next click on ‘Artist, Band or Public Figure
  3. Select a Category from the prepopulated list provided in the drop down box. For your purposes ‘Artist or Entertainer’ most likely will be the best fit.
  4. Enter your Band name in the area designated.  Next check the box where requested to agree to Facebook Page Terms then click ‘Get Started’.

Next you will be asked if you want to set up a new account or ‘You already have a Facebook account.’ By selecting that you already have a Facebook account, this will allow you to import your contacts from your personal page or email accounts. Facebook allows you easily to send invites, to all or select contacts, with a click of a button so that your family and friends from your personal page are invited to your Band page and can ‘Like’ that as well.

  1. Next you will be asked to fill in your bands information. Keep in mind if you are setting up the page and aren’t ready to complete all of the requested information you can select ‘Skip’ and go back at a later time and fill it in. (If you do chose to skip any sections….Don’t forget to go back later and add the content!)
  • Upload Photo

Your photo can be uploaded from your computer or can be imported from a website if you have one.

  • About Us Statement
  • Description: In this section take the opportunity to write a summary about your band. We recommend including information about your band members, style of music and your location. Your About Us statement should grab the reader’s attention and interest so you want to make it catchy. You also want to make sure it reflects your bands style and attitude.
  • Add another site: means you can link other sites your band has created to your Facebook band page. For example, if your band has a Twitter account or a website you want to add that here. This will allow viewers that find you on Facebook band page to know about and link to your other sites. Just insert the URL address in the box provided. You can always go back at a later time and update your additional sites by accessing your admin panel.
  • Will this Page represent a real celebrity or famous person?  Next you must answer Yes/No to this question. We recommend selecting ‘Yes’ to this question. By answering ‘No’ your page will be listed in a category known as ‘Community’. Facebook explains a ‘Community’ as a just-for-fun page and not an official page. You want your band profile page to be an official band page. You can always edit the category later by clicking Update Info under the Edit Page button in your admin panel.
  • Facebook web address

On the next screen you can enter an address where you want to be found on Facebook Typically this will be 

  • Enable ads

For our purposes we won’t get into a lot of detail here about Facebook ads but if you’re just starting out we recommend selecting ‘skip’. Get your band page created first and start loading content and later you may want to think about enabling ads. There is a fee for this service.

You did it! You have now set up your Band Profile Page and can start posting, uploading videos and connecting with others. There are a lot of options you can take advantage of to get your Facebook Band Profile in full swing. Follow our future blogs on Critical Recording Studios for upcoming insights on features and benefits available on your Band Profile page and other social media communities that will help you increase your exposure and let the rest of the world know who you are.

If you are in need of a studio to record your next demo, please contact us. We have rates, packages and hours of operation to fit every lifestyle and can help guide you through that process as well. 

Written by Abigail Hutchings


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