GarageBand “Chopped and Screwed Effect”

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A lot of my friends always want me to do the Chopped & Screwed effect to their vocals, so I was searching online how to do it and couldn’t really come across anything. I then started looking at the different plug ins on Garage Band and I came across AUPITCH.

GarageBand chopped and screwed effect

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The easiest way to use it would be to do one part of your vocals in your own tone and then record the vocal that you want to sound chopped into a new channel. That way it’s easier for you to only have it set on a certain part unless you want all of it to sound chopped. After you record it you then look up in your different plugins you click edit and then open up AUPITCH.  Click on the picture of the plugin that will take you to the screen where you can adjust the pitch and shift it to a slower or higher pitch.

You also want to mess with the blend, Smoothness, and Tightness  effects, that way it doesn’t sound so deep that you can’t even understand what your vocals say. It is much easier to first record in your normal voice because it will be too slow for you to say your vocals in that effect you can just click on the little blue box next to the plug in to turn it on and off. Once you mastered it you will be able to make cool slowed down effects like a lot of artist use today .

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