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Creating a song from scratch is approached differently depending on the artist. Some artists like to lay down the drum beat to maintain order and timing throughout the song.

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Lets say you came up with a melody that sounds really catchy but doesn’t fit the song’s style. Here is when you would have to change up the drum pattern in order to match the feel of whats going on in order to fit in the melody. This can also be another beginning to a different project.

Artists who play an instrument may start from this perspective, which is creating melodies with licks and different rhythms in order to lay down how the song is going to play out. A very important aspect in creating a song is song structure. This lays out in which way the song will be recorded. Like you may start with a chorus or intro, or even jump right into the verse when the song starts out, and from there decide how its going to lead on till the end. It is always a plus to create a full template before you start writing out your song because then you don’t need to waist time searching for which instrument plug-ins to put or effects. A creative inspiration can pop up at any moment, so it is always helpful to have something prepared in order to get the most of your inspiration.

The lyrics that you may compose should fit the song with its own melodies and unique sound that stick out and reach the listener’s ears. Its great when the singer puts in emotion when singing. This propels the attitude of the song at the listener, and give a sense of experience. The actual content of the lyrics should have a message or a story to reveal to the listener; without any deep content, then the art isn’t coming from one’s soul but rather being artificially made.

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