5 Bands That made the 90s

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Everyone has a favorite band or artist.  The problem is that no one can ever make up their minds as to who or what band is their favorite.  So to make it less harrowing, I’m going to name my top 5 favorite bands and give my reasons as to why I like them.

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Number five: Megadeth, perhaps known as Metallica’s rivals.  Megadeth is led by guitarist/vocalist Dave Mustaine.  Megadeth is a thrash metal band that’s been around since 1985 and if you want to listen to some good metal, then go buy some Megadeth albums.

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Number four:  Porcupine Tree, well known for their spacey, progressive, and ambient sound in their early days and currently still progressive and experimental in their newer albums.  Porcupine Tree is led by guitarist/vocalist Steven Wilson.  Although not a metal band, they still are one of my favorite bands of all time and I recommend it to anyone who’s into progressive and experimental music.

Radiohead band music U.S rock alternative Creep tour

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Number three: Radiohead.  What can I say about them?  They’re amazing at what they do.  These guys are the epitome of all that is music.  Here’s another band that is very experimental with their sound.  From Thom York’s amazing vibratos, to the soothing sounds of those clean and airy guitars and beautiful combinations of electronics and synths.  You can’t go wrong with Radiohead, it’s a must for music lovers.

Number 2: Dream Theater, you may as well call them the Gods

Dream Theater album Music Rock 90s

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 and fathers of musicians.  Musicians like me look up to these progressive giants and they are so gifted that words can’t even describe them enough. You just got to listen to them to know who they are.  Their style varies n every album but they are mostly metal.

Finally number one: Opeth.  This band is well known as a death metal band, but these guys are more than just that.  They have combinations of everything in their music.

Metal Rock Opeth band music

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A lot of their include acoustic guitars, jazz influences, and even folk.

Just recently in their last album called Heritage has some 70’s influences and it’s amazing. Perhaps one of the most influential, genuine, and amazing band there is.  Got to check them out.

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